Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ha! Gotcha! The first and only bike related shot. This is what a Suzuki Burgman looks like with all the plastic taken off inside the fairing and around the bars. Looks almost like a motorcycle! I had to do this to run wires for the GPS and Audio system. Now, on with the house!
It only a little over 1000 sq feet, but it's in a nice location, and now is like new inside. When the weather get better, we're going to have the outside painted a seafoam green with white trim. The boards standing up are redwood tongue and grove, they are going to line a couple walls in the storeroom behind the carport. The back and side yard is all fenced with a new cyclone fence. There is space for a garden in back, with some nice shurbs.
Fresh paint, cupboards all relined, new faucet, new range and refridgerator with front ice, crushed or cubed, and outside filtered water dispenser. Also, a new fan and light over the dining table, about where I was standing to take this picture. The laundry room is behind the kitchen, and to the left is a large store room in the rear of the car port.
New sink, new light fixture, new surround for the tub and shower, new vinyl floor, new paint and base boards. new sink and a large mirror that you can't see in this picture.
One of the three bedrooms. They are all bout the same size. Have new heaters, carpet and paint. All wall outlets have been renewed or cleaned and reset.
About half way down the hall, looking out the front door/
Living room taken from the dining room. Looks small, but it's really pretty good sized